Hi! I'm Karl

There are 3 things that I am passionate about.
Web Design / Development, Photography and Helping Others.

Oh! Btw, I also love and ride bicycles and I am based in Melbourne.


What I Do

Maybe I can help you with the things I do best.

Responsive Web Design

I found love in technology and innovation, and the Internet has been my playground. Web designing and development is my sort of niche and means of contribution. I have been professionally making the Internet a better and lovelier place since 2009.



My approach is more on fine art photography. I am always amazed how I can freeze time and seal my emotions with the moment. I call my work as "poetic stills", it means "Venting the soul through visual idioms and schmaltzy captures."


I Help Others

I created a section on this website where users can freely post technical questions relating to web development and such. I'll try my best to answer those timely and correctly. Life is too short to be not be able to help others in need.


Let's Sit Down

...and talk it through!

Say Hi! I'll be glad to hear from you.
Use the form below or email me at hi[at]kloq.com.au

Im am located in South Morang, north of Melboure. So I can easily meet if you are in Bundoora, Mill Park, Thomastown, Preston, Greensborough, Epping and other neighbouring suburbs.

ABN: 57276909467