How to Build a custom WordPress theme – tutorial part 1

This is a trilogy tutorial on how to create and develop WordPress theme from scratch. It covers a quick overview about WordPress, understanding WordPress directory structure, converting html to WordPress theme and structuring theme files.

About WordPress

WordPress is an open source framework and has become the number one and the leading platform used for blogging and since it is free and has millions of developers around the globe who develops plugins or WordPress extensions, WordPress is now being used for any type of websites.
So it brings a high demand for WordPress developers and engineers. There may already be millions of developers out there but it’s not yet too late to start learning and eventually love WordPress.

Understanding WordPress Directory Structure

WordPress has just 3 main directories, namely wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes.
Wp-admin contains wordpress backend files, mark ups and administrative function scripts.
Wp-content contains all your wordpress themes, plugins or extensions and uploaded media files.
Wp-includes contains all wordpress core function scripts which is available in both front-end and back-end side.
As starters, you may not need to know deeper about the files inside wp-admin and wp-includes. And since wp-content is the directory where you store your themes and plugins, it’s best to digg deeper on this and get to know more about the files and directories inside it.

Inside wp-content

Plugins directory – it is where you store all your wordpress plugins
Themes directory – it is where you store all your wordpress themes
Uploads directory – it is where your uploaded media files are saved.

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